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Have Questions? 

You are not alone! With such cutting edge technology, and it being the first time such a device is available for breeders and business owners everywhere, you are bound to have some questions. 

Please see below for some of our most common questions people have. And if you don't find what you need, feel free to email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

  • What is the cost of the Mobile kit?
    If you already have the phone or if you plan on purchasing one separately, the kit is $2300. Please note there are annual scan fees and shipping costs, dependent upon your state or country.
  • What is included in the Meat Imaging Mobile Carcass Camera Kit?
    Adapter to slide over phone Built in light source Handle Yellow Reference Frame App for scanning and app for database (links will be sent to you after purchase)
  • What phone is required to use the Meat Imaging App?
    Google Pixel XL4, 4A 4G, or 4A 5G is required.
  • Why is a specific style/brand of phone required?
    The complex algorithms that enable you to get immediate digital analysis of your meat are callibrated specifically with the Google Pixel hardware and software.
  • Are there other accessories are recommended for optimal imaging?
    From the many trials and testing, we know that different environments can offer some challenges in capturing a quality image for analysis. A Beak Adaptor is recommended for the most accurate image collection. It helps block any unwanted bright light from interfering with your analysis ensuring you have the most accurate data on your meat. An exterior barcode reader can also help if time is of the essence, and you are using the beak adapter. We know in some cases you only have seconds for tag scan and image capture, so an exterior barcode reader can ensure accurate and timely scanning while imaging.
  • How are the scan results calculated?
    1. The digital image is taken by the camera. 2. The captured image is measured and analyzed through a specifically calibrated program to generate a full report.
  • What is included in the image scan report?
    With each scan you get 2 pages of associated data, as well as a saved copy of the actual image. Some of the data includes, but is not limited to: Date and time of scan Barcode ID DM(Digital Marbeling) Coarseness index Rib eye complexity Fineness Marbling rate
  • Who has access to my data?
    Only you, the secure "MIJ Cloud Database"(used for back up of your information), and the United States distributor, unless you choose to share your results with others. Your data is NEVER shared or used without your permission.
  • Who can buy the Meat Imaging Mobile Carcass Cameras?
    The MI Mobile Carcass Camera is now approved for sale in the United States, Canada, UK, Mexico and South America. For international purchases outside of the United Kingdom, please email us first before starting your order.
  • What is the average shipping time?
    We do try to keep some in stock at all time, which enables us to have it to you in 5-7 business days. However it can take an average of 3 weeks shipping if we are having to import new stock.
  • How does the pricing per scans work?
    Pricing is based on how many scans you use per year. Pricing includes the analysis, QA and upkeep of software necessary for each digital analysis. For most smaller businesses they pay for scans on a quarterly or monthly basis if they do not have an exact number of scans they use. For specific pricing of scans in your area please contact us.
  • To optimize my barcode, what should it have in it?"
    Fullblood number or Tag ID DOB Live weight Hot carcass hanging weight Steer or Female
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