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Image by Manny Becerra

AUGUST 2021, Reno

Research Presentation at Reciprocal Meat Conference (RMC)

Preliminary assessment of the Meat Image Japan (MIJ) beef grading smartphone application as it compares to a current USDA validated beef grading camera vision system.

Desi with MIJ30.jpeg

May 5, 2021, Beef Central

High-marbling carcasses can now be AusMeat-graded using MIJ objective camera

AusMeat conditional approval has now been granted for the Meat Image Japan (MIJ-30) camera to grade marbling across the entire spectrum from 0 to 9+.

MIJ-30 _edited.jpg

March 24, 2020, Australia

Camera grading sharpens Wagyu genetic selection

The Meat Image Japan (MIJ-30) camera has been evolving for more than 20 years. Comparisons between chemical analysis of fat content and the MIJ-30 indicate that the accuracy is up to 90%.

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