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MIJ has designed the apps for these phones: Google Pixel XL4 and Google Pixel 4a 4G, and 4a 5G.  Google Pixel discontinued the Pixel 4XL. You can find it discounted at 50-60% of the original cost. However, it is still higher than the 4a.  Out of the 3 mobiles, we will start with the 4XL.  It is waterproof and has Gorilla glass 5. The others only have Gorilla glass 3. From the information gathered, it appears the cameras have been balanced out in "greatness" due to the software, but the 4XL is scored higher as the best camera and has a bigger screen.  The only advantage I saw in the 4a was the price. The 4a's claimed it detected robocalls and didn't let them through, but if you won't get service and using it just for carcass grading, that is not an issue. The 4XL is also Aluminum, and the others are plastic.  That is what I have gathered. All 3 cameras are currently in use, and no one has reported any problems, and the captures from all 3 cameras are clear. 

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